Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Afanasy Nikitin: I would love to eat a hot fat potato right now.

Alnus Rugosa: I think I have some potatoes in the back of my truck, if you want to look around for them.

AN: Foma!

Foma: Hey boss.

AN: See if there's any potatoes in the back of the wagon. And no drinking by yourself, right?

AR: There's bugs back there, I think. They probably got into the potatoes, you think?

AN: Well, what kinds of bugs? Worm bugs? Flying things?

AR: Mites. Really big orange mites. From Turkey. They come in with the salt bags.

AN: Whyn't you just leave the salt bags out? It's for eating?

AR: Selling. Goes with the kvas and bread, for some folks.

Foma: I'm bit!

Foma appears with a mite the size and color of a nerf football attached to his neck.