Thursday, January 26, 2006

Where do words come from, Dad?

They come from neurotic French robots, son.


Thanks to the people at cartoonbrew.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I like the tiny showcase because there is a lot of stuff to look at there. Like Jacob Goble (at right). And a bazillion fertile links.

Man-e-thanks to veer blog!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

When I need to get caught up on the transition from Alan Greenspan to Ben Bernanke, I turn to the Economist. When I am curious about independent Thai directors, like Wisit Sasanatieng, I flip open my copy of Film Comment.

For coverage of Bombu's invasion of New York, however, these magazines' coverage is pretty skimpy. That's when I turn to Where Monsters Dwell, one of several Monster titles (by the usually-godawful Marvel Comics) which actually does try to live up the standards of Jack Kirby.

Click on the illustration at left to enlarge. The dialogue is scrumtrilescent.

It's got funny words, authentic Kirby reprints, and new art from the scintillating Mike Allred (at left). This man, with Mike Mignola, keeps the Kirby torch burning bright in our dark and un-Kirby-like world.

I don't have time for contemporary comics, as a rule, but I can't complain about the Two Mikes. They are kirbtastic!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Q: That's one fine-looking doll! Where can I get one?
A: You can get it at from puffy smalls, which is one tentacle of the paper rad art mafia.

You know the world's largest living creature? That mushroom in Oregon? Paper rad is just like that mushroom. Watch it grow! Wash your hands afterwards!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kneel before ZEMOG!

plus Jayuya, Aib's earlier band.
Hey look! A Dalek video by Terry Gilliam! No, wait, it's actually by the 47th floor, but it is very nicely done in TerryVision, and you will be glad you saw it.

If you have Terry's email, then forward it to him, would you?

Mad props, again, to hydrocephalicbunny. Wot up HCB?!? Peace out.

Friday, January 13, 2006

I mentioned Studio AKA in my entry the other day about La Chute De L'Ange. I keep a link to AKA handy at all times, in the lefthand margin of this cornucopia-cum-blog. However, it lately occurs to me that I might suggest my favorite way to navigate thru the AKA site, because it's a Flash site that won't bookmark very well, and because not everything at the site is equal in off-the-proverbial-hook-ness.

Ergo, my suggestion is to:
(a.) Avoid operating heavy machinery, or becoming pregnant, while navigating the site.
(b.) Click on the aforementioned link.
(c.) Click on PEOPLE
(d.) Click on MARC CRASTE.
(e.) Gnash your teeth in astonishment.
(f.) Check out the rest of the site, after a period of rest.
(g.) Make your own beautiful and eerie masterpiece of lived-in-looking animation.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

There are plenty of places to learn about magnificent Chinese boomboxes from the 1980s, and I have no interest in interfering with these places. And yet, when I find the Boombox Museum, can I keep silent? Not in good conscience.
If you don't already know about Emily Flake, then take a minute to school yerself. She is syndicated in lots of free hipster weeklies (f'rinstance, my beloved Weekly Dig here in Boston) and apparently also appears in McSweeney's. As Stevie says, isn't she lovely?
Today is a joyful day at my house! In 1986 I found a dubbed cassette inside a greasy boombox, in the basement of the Japanese restaurant I worked at in high school. I loved the tape, and played it over and over for all my friends. Never could read the Japanese handwriting on the tape.

Cut to 20 years later: found Haruomi Hasono on the web, ordered the CD of that greasy cassette.. and today it arrives!

Haruomi Hasono Day
to you!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Need something spooky to listen to before going to bed? How about garbled transmissions from Egypt? Or ethereal CIA children (thanks, Jeff)?

You will be inspired to collect these sounds by the audio safaris of Ben Burtt and Jack Dangers, who lives in this same eerie ionosphere, and broadcasts to us.

Hold on to your hats! Geoffroy Barbet-Massin's La Chute De L'Ange has the polished, elegant black-and-white look of Marc Craste's Jojo in the Stars. When you've marvelled at that one a few times, check out Barbet-Massin's other short films. Wow! Thanks to Fous D'Anim!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I never cared for Buffy. I liked Donny Darko alright. Never had much time for "The Rock." Yet somehow the concept of putting all these characters in one film, with Cheri Oteri, Wallace Shawn and, you know, Christopher Lambert, just seems like a really efficient use of celluloid.

Plus, while trying to find out more about this Poseidon Adventure of the 21st century*** , I found this picture, and that led me to this link.

So I thank Southland Tales for existing, even before it leaves the studio.

Jan 11, 2006

I was trying to be funny by calling this film the Poseidon Adventure of the 21st Century. How ignorant not to have known that the scab-eating vermin in Hollywood are actually re-making the Poseidon Adventure. It's just impossible to make fun of these toenails anymore. The good news, of which there is little, is that I got this terrible news while waiting for the 37 previews to end so I could watch KING KONG which is also a remake and which has AWESOME MONSTERS in it.

Recommended, dudes and dudettes!! GO !

What Looked Unbefrigginlievable About Blowing Up Robots In Outer Space, c.1980:
A Pictorial Essay by Das Brick.

Shogun Warriors spaceships,
Battlestar Galactica spaceships,
Hot Wheels in space,
The Black Hole,
Star Bird,
the oft-overlooked
Megabug Gladiators,
the Micronauts,
Matchbox Battlekings
(umm, in space), the occasional old Gerry Anderson toy
from the 1960s,
Lego sets (in space)...

...and, on Channel 25
just when we got home from school
every Thursday afternoon,

The Spaceketeers
O, the heartache of growing older, more reflective, and questioning one's belief that once Grimace was evil and had six arms. At least now I can relive that youthful certainty.

Thanks, "world wide web"!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

If you have kids, then you already know about Saxton Freymann. And I understand that his stuff is cute enough to be pasted onto the walls of giggling college freshmen, next to their Puffy Amiyumi poster, or whatever.

Still, and still, stop and just let the elephant yam make your day. C'mon.
This is the kind of thing the internet was made for... you can play Harry Partch's instruments with your mouse, while sitting at work pretending to be earning your keep.

Heh heh heh!!