Sunday, May 28, 2006

Erm, I was just poking around wikipedia and found this update.

Johnny Depp starring?
Brad Bird directing?
Michael Giacchino composing?

Sounds like I will be saving the money I'm not spending on Cars movie tickets (or any other eh-looking movie out there) for 2007's Ratatouille.

Update: the casting info on wikipedia has been taken down, so who knows what voice will issue from the lead rat. Maybe Johnny Depp, maybe not. Still, you can bet your rodentlike incisors that this film will not blow tender, beefy chunks.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Have you always thought Yellow Submarine would be better if it looked more like Stevie and Zoya, but kept the bandy-legged, bell-bottomed strolling? Me too!! Here's Gaëlle Denis' CITY PARADISE, ready to please you. Warning: contains footage of a Japanese woman suffering a concussion and turning into Björk. Sort of.

I tip my enormous foam-rubber hat once again to Jeff at hydrocephalicbunny.
Are the Country Bears in your apartment? Are you sure???
I have been watching this video in my mind ever since I first heard Lightning Bolt.
And here it is, finally, on my computer. Kind of a relief, really.
It's Perfect! You see?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I must include a couple of recent items for everybody who doesn't keep up with animation-geek sites as much as I do.

Because, Mom and Dad, you guys will love this stuff too:

1. Tyger
2. Badgered
3. Claymation Hello Kitty (scroll down and click on the Hello Kitty picture)
Well here's something before you turn out the light and get some sleep... steaming piles of free cartoons and dulcet tones, completely sui generis, from Stéphane Ricard... courtesy of the good people at fousdanim.
You are probably shaking your fist at the tv a lot these days, not least 'cause this Da Vinci movie is being advertised, and you just want it to go away.

And you blame Audrey Tautou, at least a little. And then you blame Jean-Paul Jeunet, for making Audrey into someone who has to be in movies with Tom Hanks.

Hey! Stop harshing on JPJ!! Because Delicatessen is FINALLY OUT ON (English subtitled) DVD this month, after we waited 14 years. It's one of my favorite movies of all eternity. I am so happy, I could forgive the stupid Da vinci movie. Or, at least, forget it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I went to Graceland 2 weeks ago and now all I can find online is monsters.

Not a problem, since there are useful resources like Monsterama that direct us to scans of monster stickers.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Look what Monsterama found for us!

More great reasons to stop making special effects with a computer and start making them in the garage. Now go!