Thursday, August 25, 2005

Gripping Tales

Birthday Greetings
Does your brain drink coffee? Find out here:
I love Flickr lots... it is probably the only site I can spend hours at and not feel grouchy when I am done. My latest retinal scan is and I think everybody will need to check it. So go already!! Then be aghast at how many directions you want to explore at the same time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My friend Skunk is finally getting the media blitz he was entitled to at birth.

BEHOLD!! is an article. is a screening of the new SCUL movie, essential if you live in New England or anywhere west of the Dniester. It is screening only one day before Puppetmaster Jake-- the only puppeteer to study under François Rabelais, Conan the Barbarian and Charles Bukowski?! Yes it is true! Well worth sleeping in front of the Coolidge for a good seat. Pack a lunch!!

And, for you maggots out there, the SCUL site itself abandon all internal combustion engines, ye who enter here!!
Hi I am a link to Major Pepper!!! Click on me
Lots of great new animated shorts at the Nextoons site! Go over there and scrutinize the offerings whilst they last!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Joe Ranft died? Do people realize what a big deal this is?

Joe Ranft was one of the few people (from what I can tell) that kept Pixar from becoming a colossal pit of creative navel-gazers. I mean I love the raw material of a Pixar movie, maybe as much as the final product, but it seems like Mr Ranft was one of the few yeasty bits that made the soufflé rise into a tantalizing, edible treat. He was a straight-up mensch from all I can tell... and I am very sad and worried about this turn of events. Reminds me of the day Jim Henson suddenly evaporated-- and look what's happened to the muppet franchise.

Here's hoping there are other soft-hearted geniuses that have been able to infiltrate the robot-infested world of animated entertainment, and that they can leave their mark as hilariously as Mr Ranft.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Here are the items that kids need for breakfast:

1. To watch again and again, in awe.

2. Pack a valise, crawl into the monitor and live there.

3. Better than drugs to cure what ails you. Worth getting a membership, actually. Ask anybody! The end of ClearChannel is in sight.

4. The Hindu pantheon is so lovable!!

5. By all means find out what is going on at the FELL-SWOOP chronicle of everyday passions and concerns: Yes he is my brother!! Perhaps his blog makes more sense than mine. Shucks.