Monday, October 02, 2006

What's great about Hardware Wars is that it isn't long, and it really winds up looking like Star Wars. Or Sesame Street. Or any number of Mop-N-Glo ads I remember from my early youth in the 1970s.

Ernie Fosselius had his finger on the pulse of Jimmy Carter-era USA, and stood on a big, dog-eared stack of Mad Magazines. With his ear pressed against a clock radio playing Dr. Demento.

Best of all, Ham Salad is a dead ringer for the guy from Steely Dan. There's something timeless about the way Ham gives up trying to kill the Steamtrooper with his electric drill, and just kicks the metal enemy over with his foot. It speaks of Greek epic poetry. Yes? No?!

Ergo, I stand and salute Ernie Fosselius, wherever he may be. No kiddin'. Let's all make cheap goofy movies!


Bob Quinn said...

Yeah but don't watch this bastardized version that has 3d cg effects added in!!!!
Get the original which was not ruined by 3d animated egg beaters.

I own it on DVD.

I am not sure who or why someone thought it was a good idea to add new effects scenes to this classic NO effects movie!!!


Dug North said...

I've got a bead on Ernie Fosselius these days. He's in my niche...automata-making. It's cool with me, but he too has decided to wear a derby.