Thursday, December 21, 2006

You may feel, as do I, that there are arguments to be made for the 1960s George Barris Batmobile and the 1940s Bob Kane Batmobile. Barris' car is probably cooler, but the postwar, domed, glowering coal-black monster always intrigued me, since getting a hold of a reprint of some 1940s Batman comics (in the 70s, mind you).

This is a prototype, smothered in its little toy cradle by its uncaring parents at Hasbro. Imagine this thing, in shiny black diecast metal and chrome, under the tree.

Wake up, Hasbro people!

(and PS Hasbro: also, bring back the Weebles Haunted House)

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DoItRight said...

Hasbro sucks. And they'll never re-release the Weeble Haunted house, either. The days of innovation and fun were over 25 years ago.