Thursday, March 01, 2007

Note to anyone who ever checked out (or, God forbid, sent money to) my website

It was meant well, but in reality the commitment to nurturing a marriage and three kids, the crushing responsibilities of my new job, a serious time commitment to maintaining my 114-year-old church building, and now an adopted beagle-type creature have dealt the comic (and recording - sorry, Darryl) a death blow.

There was a slow, solemn knock at the door, and when I opened the door I met Reality. Reality shook his hickory cane at me, opened his dusty, cobwebby mouth, and said "Quit advertising the comic, because you aren't drawing it."

So, sadly, I am pulling the plug on my imaginary comic book, and I will most likely keep posting to this ridiculous blog, but somehow a blank page and a pen just scares the bejeezus out of me these days.

My apologies to anyone who held out for this.

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