Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sorry... my computer got a virus and sort of died for a while.
Now I have lots of new non-Microsoft products to learn and play with.

But that's neither here nor there... there's animation news to share!

Firstly, the Minuscule shorts are finally available on DVD.

In French, with Region 2 copyright protection, so you have to re-jigger your DVD player to view French things. So, you'll probably never bother.

But, I will get them, and you are invited over to view them, because they are awesome. OK? See you.

Thanks to fous d'anim for the warning.

Also, the Newport Beach Film Festival shorts are extremely winning, and you should check 'em out.

Thanks to stashmedia for the note.

Stolen from Neatorama, which also has a Damon Wellner link today! Bwa ha ha!!!!

And finally... Spy Kids, as perceived in Belarus, actually looks very excellent. I wish every lousy Hollywood movie had posters hand-painted by someone who has never seen the movie or anyone in it.

Aren't you glad you have English Russia?

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