Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Taeeun Yoo gets a little spotlight at Drawn! today. And we must say this Wrinkle in Time cover makes us want to go re-read this book.

Can't put a finger on it, but some quality of this illustration gets right to what literary characters feel like to an 11-year-old (at least how we remember being 11 years old...)

Just saying... tho we seldom take a hard political line here at the playland of As Far As The Eye Can See, we would be sorely stung if the Feds took away our KSEY. And it looks like that is going to happen on July 15, what with the broadcasting tax that will begin on that date. No more Loretta Lynn, Bob Wills, and menus for Meals-on-Wheels in Seymour, Texas while we pine away in our miserable New England office.

Go vote for internet radio, y'all. Giddyap.

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