Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had a blast at the Harvard Book Store tonight, playing Santa. Herewith is my report (from their newly-burgeoning not-for-grownups graphic arts section, naturally).

When you find yourself peeking into your stocking, I hope your friends and loved ones have remembered to get you these cluster-bombs of merriment:

The Collected Moomin Comic Strips! Believe me, this has all the Tove Jansson you'll need to get through the long, wintery winter.

If 1930s Popeye strips had been drawn by Tony Millionaire, in Finland in the 1950s, Tove would not have needed to draw Moomin.

You can be glad she did.

For any of you tots who accidentally spent the 80s reading Goosebumps (or worse, watching TV), here's your chance to get caught up with the funniest writing that came out of that chrome-finish decade.

No, not Dave Barry... this! The collected piercing wit and fame-bashing wisdom of SPY magazine, in one easy-to-purchase tome!

Lastly, but far from leastly, this treasure of a coffee-table book made my lungs collapse, my larynx dilate, and my uvula ovulate: Art Out of Time, edited by Dan Nadel, is a compendium of zillions of forgotten illustration gems from the 1900s through the 1960s. Wild, fearless, and unrelentingly wonderful introductions to little-heard-from comic geniuses.

I leafed through it and felt like giving up: it's a veritable bottomless pit of inspiration.

Buy it for someone you love, or do like I did and get somebody you love to buy it for you!

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