Sunday, April 10, 2011

Das Brick is Just Plain Old Confused

"Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain - I Kings 41."

I was warm again, listening to the rain fleck against the windows in the hotel room. There was no arctic wind, no sawdust, no bleeding policeman. There was a gentle piping of spring frogs outside, and a slow rhythmic breathing of a giant creature next to me. I felt its warm breath on my neck. I retraced my thoughts... what warm creature had I brought to bed with me here, in Lancaster MA?

I carefully felt for the switch to turn on the bedside lamp. There was no lamp, and no table, only a drunken idiot next to me with his cloak pulled over his head. My keys? My wallet?

"Hey! Hey!! Hey?" I shouted, pulling the sheets from my naked form. "Where is this?!"

I felt a bear paw move over my face, and a very heavy ursine forearm rest across my face so that I could shout no more.

"Rest easy, there, nemets. We're at the Pine Cone. There'll be time enow for talking when the sun come up."

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