Sunday, April 10, 2011

Das Brick Is Not in a Hotel Room Anymore

It was a full minute before I could fill my lungs again. I spent the entire time completely uninterested in the icy bog, and the sharp gusts, and the enormous shattered pine tree next to me. I only wanted to breathe air. When air was inside me, I checked to make sure I still had my wallet and keys. I fell down in the frozen mud, and something flapped away. I saw a heron or something, flying into the piercing morning sun. I took another breath. The sun was actually intense enough to warm the dry parts of my body, and I began to crawl out of the mud towards a patch of sunlit pine needles. A frog splashed, and then another. I lay, breathing, on the dry warm brown needles and watched the sun through my eyelids. Everything was pink inside my eyelids and my heart pounded in my ears. The gusts froze me and the sun warmed me. I began to shudder uncontrollably. I heard the loud sound of a bee in my ear, and jerked around to see where it was. Nothing. Closed my eyes and was buzzed again. I waved my arm and saw two large bees bobbing around my face. My jaws were shuddering so that I couldn't see straight. I watched the pink through my eyelids turn to dark.

I kept shuddering as the thick smoke woke me. I couldn't move my arms or legs. I was bound. A fire raged, only inches from my face. I wrestled with the winding sheets and screamed for help. A giant bearded face kissed my forehead and jerked the sheets from me, such that my body spun like a rolling pin on the ground. A roomful of voices cheered and a jar of something musty and warm was poured through my lips.

"Another drink for Lazarus! Mary Mother of God has delivered you to the Pine Cone!"

Another cheer, and another dusty mug of dishwater warmed my parched throat. I spasmodically coughed the liquid out onto the fire, putting it out. Another great cheer.

"Bravo Lazarus! You want God to set the soakèd altar on fire again as He did for Elijah on Mount Carmel! Bravo!" Another cheer.

I vomited again, and the room was gone.

"Peradventure he sleepeth, and must be wakened - I Kings 27."

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