Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Like Paul Reubens, I am in peril of screwing up my career by watching something that I probably should not be watching, and enjoying myself too much. In my case, tho, it's just Pee-Wee's Playhouse! Ha HA!

No, really, it's fun! I remembered the Gary Panter set design, the Mark Mothersbaugh music, and the Larry Fishburne and Phil Hartman contributions. All top-notch, 20 years later.

I did not realize til now, tho, that Nick "Wallace and Gromit" Park was responsible for Penny, the plasticine girl! Gadzooks! Add amazing Fleischer-era toon offerings from the King of Cartoons that only look more inspiring, all these years of gawdawful CG films later. Add piles of interstitial shadow-puppet animation, sand animation, and the cavorting frozen food in the frigidaire, and this show is an unstoppable primer on how fun animation can be.

Hike yer pants up, gel yer hair, and go watch PWP today!!

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fellswoop said...

Hey there, speaking of Wallace and Gromit, have you ever seen "creature comfort?" You must. Talking/angsty UK claymation animals weigh in on all kinds of topics. It's important viewing.