Saturday, January 21, 2006

When I need to get caught up on the transition from Alan Greenspan to Ben Bernanke, I turn to the Economist. When I am curious about independent Thai directors, like Wisit Sasanatieng, I flip open my copy of Film Comment.

For coverage of Bombu's invasion of New York, however, these magazines' coverage is pretty skimpy. That's when I turn to Where Monsters Dwell, one of several Monster titles (by the usually-godawful Marvel Comics) which actually does try to live up the standards of Jack Kirby.

Click on the illustration at left to enlarge. The dialogue is scrumtrilescent.

It's got funny words, authentic Kirby reprints, and new art from the scintillating Mike Allred (at left). This man, with Mike Mignola, keeps the Kirby torch burning bright in our dark and un-Kirby-like world.

I don't have time for contemporary comics, as a rule, but I can't complain about the Two Mikes. They are kirbtastic!

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