Sunday, January 08, 2006

I never cared for Buffy. I liked Donny Darko alright. Never had much time for "The Rock." Yet somehow the concept of putting all these characters in one film, with Cheri Oteri, Wallace Shawn and, you know, Christopher Lambert, just seems like a really efficient use of celluloid.

Plus, while trying to find out more about this Poseidon Adventure of the 21st century*** , I found this picture, and that led me to this link.

So I thank Southland Tales for existing, even before it leaves the studio.

Jan 11, 2006

I was trying to be funny by calling this film the Poseidon Adventure of the 21st Century. How ignorant not to have known that the scab-eating vermin in Hollywood are actually re-making the Poseidon Adventure. It's just impossible to make fun of these toenails anymore. The good news, of which there is little, is that I got this terrible news while waiting for the 37 previews to end so I could watch KING KONG which is also a remake and which has AWESOME MONSTERS in it.

Recommended, dudes and dudettes!! GO !

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