Sunday, January 08, 2006

What Looked Unbefrigginlievable About Blowing Up Robots In Outer Space, c.1980:
A Pictorial Essay by Das Brick.

Shogun Warriors spaceships,
Battlestar Galactica spaceships,
Hot Wheels in space,
The Black Hole,
Star Bird,
the oft-overlooked
Megabug Gladiators,
the Micronauts,
Matchbox Battlekings
(umm, in space), the occasional old Gerry Anderson toy
from the 1960s,
Lego sets (in space)...

...and, on Channel 25
just when we got home from school
every Thursday afternoon,

The Spaceketeers

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fellswoop said...

that was hot. my eyes are rolling back into my head with nostalgia. That bug toy was the best. I cannot believe you found that thing. Can they be had on Ebay?