Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am scratching my head over all the mediocre-to-awful reviews of The Brothers Grimm that I believed, sadly, instead of just opening my wallet at the mere mention of Terry Gilliam. I loved this film!! I guess my head fits into the mitteleuropean fairytale scheme pretty easily (I also firmly believe that the made-for-TV Arabian Nights is one of the most entertaining films ever made, and I dare you to convince me otherwise), but my normally skeptical wife gave it an enthusiastic cheer too. Go see Brothers Grimm if you haven't already! Go see it again!

One thing I really got riled about was what I saw as a tip o' the hat to my homie Aleksandr Ptushko, whom I have mentioned earlier, purveyor of enchanting 1960s Russian fantasy films that are easily mocked (especially in their Americanized [Cormanized, even!] versions), but awesome nonetheless.

I will wait for Terry to email me before I let go of my theory that he copped Ptushko's eerie lighting, mounds of dust, and swirling cameras for the evil fortress scenes. Gaaah!

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