Monday, February 27, 2006

I don't ask for much... really. I am content to watch Dave Chappelle and then watch some Michel Gondry when it's finished. Then listen to, I don't know, some Mos Def* or whatever. You know. For some reason all the aforementioned are in a big pile of marvelousness, called Dave Chappelle's Block Party, directed by my close friend Michel. Ahhhh.

All of a sudden, 2006 is alive, and well! Thanks you guys.

*for anybody besides me that wondered what happened to Black Jack Johnson, the Dr Know-Bernie Worrell-Doug Wimbish-Mos Def-Will Calhoun super-groop, which I was ready to call The Black ASIA... they have 4 or so tracks on Mos' new CD and they are whole wheat goodness (on one side, light frosting on the other)!!! If you like noisy funkness (à la Praxis).

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