Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Short List of Reasons to be Proud I Grew Up in Central Massachusetts
(and never moved very far away):

1. My hometown is featured in several H.P. Lovecraft stories. Is yours?

2. The next town over (more or less) has extra-terrestrial creatures running all over the place.

3. Several neighboring towns are eerily located underwater.

4. Boltonite! A mineral found only in Egypt, Russia, Antarctica, and Bolton, MA.
Ask Lovecraft why this is (see #1). Very mysterious.

5. The MBTA is loaded with zombie-friendly abandoned subway stations, most likely leading to more Lovecraftian subterranean horrors (see Reason #1.)
(OK, so the MBTA is not in central Mass.... but the photo above shows an airplane from a mysteriously abandoned airport in Bolton. Which is not spooky at all, but ... but it was abandoned. Mysteriously.)

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