Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This is not really a forum for restaurant reviews, but there are some bars that transcend the miserable hum-drum so... so... dustily, that one must take note. Anyone who has not tossed back a couple of dark beers (for that is the only name they are given here, and a pox on all name brands) at Manhattan's McSorley's is in for a treat.

You will think you have climbed into your great-grandfather's mildewy old steam trunk, and come out in the Spouter-Inn from Moby-Dick, or Gangs of New York.

Scary? Absolutely. Ready to catch fire at a moments' notice? Without a doubt. All the more reason to turn the laptop off, get ye to New York, and start quaffing.

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Anonymous said...

Did you go to this bar when you met Sparky in Manhattan? McSorley's looks like my kinda place!

Muck Odor