Saturday, September 16, 2006

My pop-up blocker has been rampaging for about 2 months, blocking everything that isn't, say, a Word document. So I was forced to apply for a job without getting the details of the job, cause my PC thought it was a pop-up. I tried to get some weather... weather forecasts are also cannon fodder for the crazed pop-up sniper on my rooftop, cackling and shooting everything that moves.

I finally got serious about fixing the bloody thing when it wouldn't let me poke around the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra site. This means war!!

If you haven't seen this infuriatingly funny 2001 classic, go watch it tonite with someone you love. I love good (as in "wicked stupid, yet ingenious") comedy writing, and now that I've officially given up on the Super Troopers guys, and SNL, and have to wait to see if the new Greg the Bunny is as goofy and marvelous as the original, my milk money (as in laugh-til-milk-comes-out-my-nose money) is on Larry Blamire's next project!

Plus, obviously, Battle Beyond Belief.

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