Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well I just saw Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep; and my opinion is that it is not a movie for everybody.

I loved it, mostly, because it is very dismissive of boundaries between the real and the imagined; and for the schizophrenic in all of us, this idea is very romantic. It also suffers from arrested development, proposing that being 12 years old is the only time when one truly sees life as it really is. Or, as Gondry put it on his DVD collection, I've Been 12 Forever. This is a good thing?!

However, being 12, and schizophrenic, and really whimsical, and living in Paris next door to Charlotte Gainsbourg, is not a bad way to spend an evening... so I encourage both of you readers to pony up and go see it.

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Bob Quinn said...

Paris is for queers!

But I'll see the movie anyways