Tuesday, September 05, 2006

bens room

My daughter was asking, so I put this together: this is what my room looked like in 1974. Except the Star Wars stuff, which must have been later. OK, 1978.

(You have to click on it to engorge it. It looks less crappy engorged. [No... no, actually it doesn't.])

There are dreams there, too, of the trap door to a tiny house where I could get away from my parents. And of me, floating at the treetops. That's how I remember my room.

If anything looks familiar, please note this time portal to the early 80s and let me know what works for y'all.

Plus, check the wikipedia entry on Creature Double Feature.

Umm, please?


Bob Quinn said...

am I to understand you didn't have any Micronauts in your room? or Mad Magazines? or Adventure Peeps?

Rozum said...

Ah, the Creature Double Feature, how you still live in my heart, Emerson, Lake and Palmer theme and all.