Friday, March 31, 2006

It's exciting, innit, to see little baby internet grow so big, and so useful! So much free crap!

Still, there are nights when you read about a fella (f'rinstance, Naftule Brandwein) performing for Murder, Inc. in the 1920s, dressed in an Uncle Sam suit draped with hundreds of Christmas lights which almost electrocute him when he gets too sweaty. And you think, Great! I'd like to see a picture of that! But there isn't a picture anywhere. There's scarcely any music.

Here is some audio from PBS, and here is where I found the best photo.

For more Naftule, I guess you just have to hit the record shops. If there are any left.

1 comment:

Mittnz said...

Dang yo!

How come you gets all the FREE PORN?!
What about me?

I can't raise a family and pay for porn! One of them will have to go!

Life is unfair.

I will miss my family.