Thursday, March 09, 2006

One of the board members over at the Crap-Mill Corporate World Headquarters recently clued me in to Twice Upon A Time, and I am now a fan and proud owner of a VHS copy. If you haven't seen it (or haven't seen it in 20 years), it is a beautiful, batty, visually unique (animated fabric cutouts!) lark of a film, and deserves more attention. It ought to be included on some future DVD edition of Monsters Inc, since there are a heap of obvious borrowed ideas (and a shared production designer, Harley Jessup).

There is a writeup about the background of the film in the new ANIMATION BLAST, and an amazing article by Taylor Jessup (offline, for some reason, but the derelict carcass is available as a Google cache, and needs to be read by any and all). Apparently my VHS copy is a bowdlerized version, and somewhere out there is a more potty-mouthed version that was released in theaters in the 80s for, like, 20 minutes. Still worth tracking down the edited version on eBay, if you are a fan. And you should be!

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