Saturday, March 25, 2006

Why The 1970s Scared the Bejeezus Out Of Me:

1. The Superfriends danger theme (sadly, this seems to be unavailable online at the moment, but here are some Superfriends arrangements to put you in the right mood - I recommend this LIVE RECORDING OF A MARCHING BAND playing the SF theme). I actually have a Pavlovian fear response to this theme, if I so much as remember it.

2. The Dunwich Horror. Available for any 3rd-grader to read, at the local library.

3. A Pictorial History of Horror Movies by Denis Gifford - a terrifying monster book my friend Bob had. Scared me but good, when I was 7. A bunch of times.

4. Power Records' The Mark of the Man-Wolf Book and Record (at left).

5. The vampire from Star Trek.

6. The vampire from Buck Rogers. (thanks, Jeff, for bringing that up again).

7. Finally, and most traumatically, Oompa loompas .

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